Apchem Sp.J. GMP+ HACCP
Business Gazelle We are pleased to announce that APCHEM Sp.J won the title of BUSINESS GAZELLE in the sixteenth ranking edition of the Most Dynamic Small and Medium Business.
The group of honored includes only companies that over the last three years showed an increase in turnover and profit at the same time.
APCHEM —  distributor of selected chemical raw materials.
(formic acid, propionic acid, sodium and calcium formates and propionates, n-butanol, 2-EH, TMP, NPG)
About Us
APCHEM Sp.J. was founded in January 2010. It is in 100% a polish company specializes in the distribution of chemical raw materials used in different sectors of the industry. Our customers are mainly manufactures however we also work with a lot of distributors. Both, work in the chemical industry such as tanning /leather, textile, paint, coatings, metal, household, feed, food and many others.

Our company is formed with people with long term experience in the distribution chemical market. We understand what the customer expects from their supplier. We have knowledge of the polish and european chemical distribution market. Based with our own facilities we are convinced that we are able to meet your requirements. Due to the quality of the products we offer our efficiency. Our strategy is to offer a good service at a reasonable price. Due to our experience, knowledge and know-how we have to become a reliable and trustworthy distributor of polish and european producers of raw materials in a very short time.

Our responsibility and awareness of the offered chemical raw materials is supported by implemented and certified GMP + system and implemented HACCP quality system.

The head office of the company is registered in Młodocin Większy near Radom. In June 2017 we moved our office to the new place in Radom. Our office is situated in ROSA HALE building on Starokrakowska 133 Street. Apart from the head office we also have aquired warehouse that gives us the position to make our deliveries promptly.

Since January 2010 we have gained the trust of many customers, some of them are well known producers. We welcome you to join them.

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