Apchem Sp.J. GMP+ HACCP
Business Gazelle We are pleased to announce that APCHEM Sp.J won the title of BUSINESS GAZELLE in the sixteenth ranking edition of the Most Dynamic Small and Medium Business.
The group of honored includes only companies that over the last three years showed an increase in turnover and profit at the same time.
APCHEM —  distributor of selected chemical raw materials.
(formic acid, propionic acid, sodium and calcium formates and propionates, n-butanol, 2-EH, TMP, NPG)


Młodocin Większy 4
26-625 Wolanów
VAT: PL9482553563

ul. Starokrakowska 133
26-600 Radom / Poland
(RO.SA. – Hale building, II entrance)
tel/fax: +48 (48) 362-11-59
mobile. +48 500-101-547

Administrative and Commercial Director (co-owner)
/responsible for transport, sale on foreign markets, payments
and administrative supervision/

Patrycja Bartosz-Kędzior    
mobile: +48 501-527-027

Commercial Director (co-owner)
/responsible for purchase and sale on domestic and foreign
market and GMP+ system/
Adam Kędzior    
mobile: +48 691-752-761

Office administrative employee
/responsible for current customer service, office administration,

Agnieszka Sobania     
office +48 (48) 362-11-59
mobile. +48 500-101-547

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